Commercial Design

You won’t run into collaboration issues when you use a design-build construction, because they’ll undertake the job with their own team and a streamlined system that is already proven. 

Commercial Design

High quality design that stays practical in the field.

Commercial space can be seen as a branded environment that represents culture. … In this type of interior design, a designer plans and designs spaces in commercial spaces and businesses. This branch of interior design is vast and broad.

If you need to expand your business space, you’re probably facing the challenge of selecting a designer and then hiring a contractor to make your commercial construction plans a reality. There’s going to be a lot of research, negotiating, collaborating between parties, and trying to sync plans and schedules all while keeping track of your own business…or not!

You can take advantage of a construction method called “design-build” (or “D-B” for short), which means using the same company for completing the design and building projects. Design-build cuts out unnecessary middlemen and avoids communication difficulties and mistakes that come with coordinating multiple companies. The simpler format of design build construction makes the whole building process far easier, less stressful, and more affordable.